Our Homeschool Year in Review: What Worked & What Didn’t


Every year I like to evaluate what worked well and what didn’t work well in our homeschool for that year! Here is this year’s review:

What Worked?


God’s Names, The Jesus Storybook Bible, The Adventure Bible for kids

All three of these Bibles/books were excellent resources to aid me in teaching the truths of God’s Word to my children this year. We enjoyed each Bible/book but I think I could say reading Genesis from The Adventure Bible was our favorite of the year!

Classical Conversations

Cycle 2, as far as content, has been my least favorite, but it was still a successful year. We enjoyed learning about space most of all. It is amazing how simply going over the Memory Work daily and listening to the CDs really does help put these facts in their minds!


Handwriting Without Tears K & A Reason for Handwriting K

We started the year with HWOT and ended with ARFH and both were great handwriting practice for both girls. I like both of these programs for teaching handwriting.

Language Arts

All About Reading Level 2

Little Bug loves AAR and I love using it to teach reading. It is open-and-go, engaging and Little Bug asks to do it. What more could I want?

All About Spelling Level 1

It’s the same story with AAS! Little Bug was a little reluctant with AAS because she says she “isn’t a good speller”, but she is learning spelling rules and applying them in her writing.

Explode the Code Books 3, 3 1/2 & 4

ETC is probably not necessary, but I feel it is such a good reinforcement of the phonics and spelling rules learned in AAR and AAS, so I required Little Bug to do two pages a day.

K4/5 Kindergarten from Confessions of a Homeschooler

K4/5 Kinder was a good choice for meeting my goal of a gentle academic year for Sweet Pea. By the end, she could do a lot of the activities on her own. It was good for reinforcing letter sounds, which she had learned with AAR Pre-Level. It also got her reading CVC words well!


Christian Light Education Math Level 100

We absolutely love our new math curriculum! I love the way it has me teaching new concepts and Little Bug loves the lay out much better than Horizons Math.

Horizons Math K

I had not planned to use this with Sweet Pea as my plan had been to start CLE Math with her next year. I had a hodgepodge of math materials to use with her. When we had used all of that, she wanted a math book, so I pulled out the first Horizons Math K workbook and she devoured it. She didn’t finish the entire book but she did complete a good 2/3 of it.

What Didn’t Work?

Please note that several of these items just didn’t work for this school year and I fully expect them to work in future years. There are several curricula that I have realized don’t jive well with our homeschool and I will talk more about that below.


Apologia’s Who is God?

We intended this to be a family devotional once the littles were in bed, but we soon realized the girls were a little young to get the most out of this book. This book is on the shelf and will definitely be used down the road when the girls are older. What we did read was so good, but at the time, it was over their heads.

Language Arts

Explode the Code Primers ABC

I thought Sweet Pea might begin these this year, but I held off because I wanted her handwriting to improve somewhat before pulling these off the shelf. They will certainly be in her curricula line up for next year!


Horizons Math 1

We said goodbye to Horizons Math this year. I still think Horizons is a very sound math curriculum, but for Little Bug’s learning style, I knew Horizons was going to open the flood gates of tears every day once we hit the second book in Horizons 1.

Saxon Math K

I’ve had this on our curricula line up now for several years and I just end up never using it! I think Saxon is a wonderful math program as well, however, it does not fit our family and our homeschool. A friend of mine from CC ended up borrowing the K level from me this year and at the end of the year I told her to keep it and I gave her Saxon 1 too!

And that is a wrap for 2016-2017’s curricula. I am deep into planning for next year and will be sharing our 2017-2018 Curriculum Choices soon!

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