Homeschool Space {2017-2018}

Last year, we did away with having a “Homeschool Room” and I decided to incorporate all things homeschool into our dining room. Everything is stored in a way that is easily accessible yet discreetly put away so school doesn’t overtake our dining room!

I have absolutely LOVED this new set up.


This is the main hub of our schooling space. I have found the best way for me to organize our school books and materials is with baskets I bought at Target.


This isn’t in a basket, but I store all of our Children’s Bibles on the top, left shelf.


The basket on the top shelf has extra supplies and supplies I don’t want children having access to.


The middle shelf holds all of our Language Arts materials. The basket on the left has Little Bug’s LA materials.

The basket on the right has all of Sweet Pea’s Language Arts materials.


The basket on the left of the bottom shelf has math materials for both of the girls.


The right side of the bottom shelf has two trays that store finished work. Every six weeks I go through the trays and select work to go in their Portfolios.


Inside the cabinet, I have all of our Language Arts manipulatives, games and activities. I also have a tub of stickers and the girls’ Portfolios. Our “Progress Charts” for AAR and AAS are on the left cabinet door. A poster of the alphabet is on the right cabinet door.


Across the room from the main hub is another smaller cabinet that holds all of our math manipulatives.


On the top of this cabinet unit, I have Sarge’s “Table Time” basket. I rotate the activities that are in this basket so he always has something fun to keep him entertained while he does his “Table Time” as we are finishing up our Morning School time.


School supplies are kept in this basket!


I found this diffuser for a great deal on Amazon, so I bought several to put around the house! The girls love to use this globe to find places in the world that we are reading or studying about.


Inside of this cabinet is all of our math manipulatives.


Hanging above the math manipulative cabinet, is a chalkboard with the month’s Memory Verse written on it.


 This is our Classical Conversations Memory Work corner!


This is our Usborne Books corner! Not all of these books are Usborne but a good majority of them are and we use them to learn more about the topics and content we are learning about in Classical Conversations.


On top of this 8-cube unit, I have two baskets. The one on the left has materials for history lessons. Next semester, it will hold materials and supplies for our science lessons.

The basket on the right side is our “Morning Basket”. Our Bible and the girls’ Independent Work is in this basket.


 Right outside the dining room is an extension of our CC review area. The USA map is magnetic so the girls can use a magnet to mark the states as we are learning them! Our timeline cards and a Melissa and Doug USA puzzle are on the top of the bookcase.

On the bookshelf is our CC Review basket. Our geography placemats and other materials we use for CC review are in this basket.


I am thankful to have finally found an organizational method that works for our homeschool!

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