Homeschool Highlights {June}

We’ve had a nice “break month” this June and here is what we have been up to as summer rolled in!

Summer Learning


Little Bug has continued on with CLE Math. At the end of June, she has completed through LU 106. We did not do a math lesson every single day but did do math when time allowed, which is just the way I like to do things in June! We will enter the new school year with four LUs to go in Level 100 before moving into CLE Math Level 200.


Sweet Pea has been working on her handwriting skills this month. She completed the little Kuman handwriting book I found for her at the Convention. I also bought the Kuman Cutting book for her because she wanted to do it again, so she has been working through that as well. I am so excited to move into formal academics with this girl and teach her to read…at her pace, of course! I am fully prepared with academic plans for her this year, but I am also fully prepared to alternate those plans, if needed, thanks to the freedom we have with homeschooling!


The girls brought home five caterpillars from the mountains back in May. We enjoyed watching them go into their cocoons, but we were very surprised when they were not butterflies but moths!

Classical Conversations


I had one science activity to finish from Cycle 2’s Science Memory Work so we did that at the beginning of this month. We read a book about rainbows, went over the Memory Work and then the girls got to paint a rainbow!



It still works very well for me to read to Sarge right after breakfast and before the girls and I start school. We read a Bible story and then read several books. He had some “homework” from his speech therapy so we worked on that during this time too. After his reading time, he goes right into his Independent Playtime…yes, still in the pack n play!

Summer Fun


The month of June was filled with lots of fun…(from top, left picture)…Little Bug at swim lessons, the girls seeing everything I bought at Convention, a visit from Mimi, a visit from out of state friends, swimming in the neighbor’s pool, watching a movie so I could reorganize the homeschool materials, painting, Sweet Pea at swim lessons, flowers I received from Dave for my birthday!

It has been a fabulous relaxed month and I am just about all planned and prepped for the new school year which will begin on July 18th! Stay tuned for probably my most favorite post of the year: Our 2017-2018 Curriculum Choices!

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