Homeschool Highlights {July}

Our first day of school was July 11th. The girls were very excited to begin a new school year. This year Little Bug is a 2nd grader and Sweet Pea is a Kindergartener. Our first 3 weeks of school in July were a big success, despite the fact our family had a huge disappointment at the end of July. (More on that at the end of this post.)



We are reading through The Jesus Storybook Bible. I love how every story points back to Jesus coming as the rescuer and redeemer. We read 1-2 stories each morning to begin our school day. During this time we also pray together and go over our memory verse for the month.



Language Arts

Little Bug picked right back up with All About Reading Level 2. By the end of July she was on Lesson 19. After finishing Level 1 (back in May) Little Bug’s reading skills have really blossomed. She read 22 chapter books in June and July! When she started reading chapters books on her own and saying she had finished them, I wasn’t sure if she was really reading them because she was finishing so quickly! After questioning her about what she was reading, it became clear she was reading the books and was just becoming a book worm! She wakes early and spends time reading then. She is required to read for 30 minutes before bed and she does so willingly. We will often find her reading throughout the day as well. This has been so exciting for me to witness!! She flies through the AAR lessons but I still want to do AAR with her because it works on other reading skills besides phonics (reading comprehension) that I want to make sure she also has a solid foundation in.

Sweet Pea began Confession of a Homeschooler’s K4/5 Kindergarten Curriculum. We mainly got through the alphabet and number review lessons in July (as well as a few assessments on letters and numbers) so next month we will really get into the meat of this curriculum.

After I do AAR with Little Bug, she is responsible for playing with Sarge while I do language arts with Sweet Pea. This has worked super well! Anytime one of his sisters gives him their undivided attention, Sarge is a happy camper!




Little Bug began Horizons 1 math. The first lessons are review and it has been good for her. She seems to have grasped place value to 10’s which is something we worked hard on last year.

I brought out Little Bug’s K5 Math book that she completed half of when we put her in the private school after Sarge was born. Sweet Pea LOVED having a math book! She wanted to do lesson after lesson after lesson. The first few days of school all we did was pages in this math book because that is all she wanted to do! We are also playing lots of games that I have printed and prepared ahead of time from various resources on the internet! She has enjoyed playing the games but she loves when it is time to work in her math book!




We are still working through the Handwriting Without Tears Kindergarten book together. The extra practice has been helpful for Little Bug and Sweet Pea is learning to write her letters very well! By working in the math book, she is learning to write her numbers too!

PicMonkey Collage


Swim Lessons

The girls took swim lessons through an instructor that offers lessons in her home pool. The class was July 11-22, Monday through Friday, 1 hour each day. Both girls made excellent progress from Day 1 to Day 10! Little Bug was jumping in and swimming the length of the pool by the end of the two weeks. Sweet Pea got over her fears and was jumping in, going under the water and beginning to learn to swim by the end of lessons. I was so proud of both of them!



Failed Adoption

We were expecting to adopt our 4th child in July but the mother chose not to place her baby for adoption. While this was a huge disappointment to our family when it happened, we are all at peace with how things turned out.  We are seeking the Lord for what is next for our family as we do not feel our family is complete. It will be exciting to see where God leads us next.


These 3 weeks have been a wonderful start to the school year. We have a good routine in place, which I will write about soon. We are looking forward to beginning our second year with Classical Conversations in August!


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