Homeschool Goals 2017

IMG_6381.JPG(Playing in the rain on our last day of school!)

Here are my 2017 Homeschool Goals:

1. Teach Bible Literacy.

This is always my number one goal. If it ever isn’t, I will have failed my family and my children and made everything I did do meaningless.

2. Dive a little deeper with Memory Work.

As I wrote in my reflections of last year’s goals, I have felt pretty much in and out of survival mode for three years now due to the various challenges our family and children have faced. Now that most of that is behind us, I would like to dive a little deeper in our history, geography and science Memory Work this year! I am planning to have one day a week where we spend half an hour or so on these subjects. Cycle 3 covers American History, USA geography and the Human Body which are all content areas I love to teach!

3. Teach more life skills.

The girls have learned how to empty the dishwasher and put things away and they have learned how to sort and put away their laundry. This year, I would like to see them learning how to take responsibility in the kitchen during meal prep. I would like to get them on a schedule rotation where one is responsible for setting the table, the other is responsible for sweeping the floors and both help to clear the table after meals. Feeding 6 people three meals a day is no small task! If the girls learn these skills, it will take some of the responsibilities and pressure off the adults at mealtimes, which will make meal times more enjoyable for everyone.  I love the saying “Many hands make light work.” There is a lot of work involved in running a big family, but if we all pitch in together and work and help each other, our work will feel lite instead of a burden to the one person who is having to do it all. Plus, this goes right along with having a servant’s heart, which I desire for all my children. I want to see my children happy to serve their family.

4. Academic Goals

Little Bug

We will continue to work through AAR but I am going to also incorporate Progeny Press so we can begin to study literature together. This year I want to see Little Bug continue to learn and apply spelling rules. I also want to see her continue Copywork using Bible verses and poetry. By the end of they year, we will see if she is ready to copy some of her Memory Work from Classical Conversations.

Sweet Pea

This is a big year for Sweet Pea as she begins formal academics. I will teach her to learn to read and my goal here is to simply progress as she shows me that she is developmentally ready to learn to read. We will go at her pace; there is no pressure for her to be a fluent reader by the end of this year. It could happen, but my main goal is to instruct her in phonics in bite-sizes that she is ready for and can easily manage! We will continue to work on basic math skills as well as handwriting.


Sarge is three years old this school year. The only academic goals I have for him are to continue reading to him daily, several times a day. Through reading, he will be exposed to the ABCs, counting, shapes and colors. We will also work on puzzle skills and fine motor skills through playing. He will continue his 60-minute Independent Playtime in the morning. Sarge’s days will revolve around playing and learning through his play!


Beau is one year old this school year. He will be read to daily.  As his morning nap time decreases, his Independent Playtime will increase from 30 minutes to 60 minutes. Preschoolers and toddlers well trained in Independent Play is key to the success of our homeschool.

5. Build memories with my children.

I was homeschooled from 6th to 9th grade as a child. I have such fond memories of those years with my mother and brother as we homeschooled. I want my children to have those same memories. As I wrote about above, Cycle 3 covers some very fun topics and content. As we learn this year, my hope is that the activities I am planning and the books we will read together will provide those same warm memories of homeschooling that I had as a child. Mostly, I want all that to be so fun and exciting because we are learning it together.

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  1. I totally agree along with the Academics, Life Skills should also be given more importance.

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