Homeschool Goals 2016

Here are my Homeschool Goals for the 2016-2017 school year:

1. Teach Bible Literacy first and foremost.

This will forever be the first goal of every single year. No matter how we choose to educate our children, we want Bible Literacy to be a top priority in our home. We talk about the Scriptures as we move through our day. Over the last year, I got in the habit of using Scripture while disciplining my children and I want to do even more of that this year. The Bible is a clear guide on how God desires for us to live, but we have to open it up and read it daily and then apply it to our lives and teach it to our children! I want my children growing up knowing Truths found in the Word of God. It is my responsibility as their mother to plant these seeds in their hearts so when they are older it is second-nature to them to turn to the Word for guidance and answers in this life.

2. Keep it simple.

This year will be interesting to say the least with a 2nd grader, Kindergartener, toddler and…..NEWBORN! Yes, we are adopting again soon! I spent the month of June preparing any and everything I could ahead of time for homeschooling so that the year can go as smoothly as possible with a toddler and newborn in the mix this year!  I will have very minimal planning to do throughout the year to hopefully lessen my homeschool planning load, but overall I kept one thing in mind during all of my planning this summer….keep it simple. Fortunately, my girls are still at the age where school can, and should, be very simple. Scripture Memory, CC Memory Work & Community Day, Language Arts and Math and that it is it! It is more than enough. It is going to be a fabulous year as we begin our second year of Classical Conversations. After all, it is CC that introduced me to the truth that school in the early foundational years can be both simple and rich all at the same time.

3. Teach more life skills.

The girls are master dishwasher unloaders! Every morning they unload the dishwasher for me which is a HUGE help. This year I intend to teach them about laundry. I am thinking I will teach them first how to put away their own clothes, because I think that will help me the most in the new season to come.

4. Academic goals

Little Bug

I want to continue to see Little Bug’s reading skills blossom and I am confident they will as we continue to work through the second level of All About Reading. I also want to see her math skills to continue to progress as she builds on foundational concepts that she learned this past year. We will continue to drill the basic math facts. At some point in this school year, I would like to see Little Bug ready to do some simple copywork (1 sentence per day).

Sweet Pea

There is no pressure on Sweet Pea to learn to read this year just because she is five years old! However, we will continue to work on the pre-reading skills and when I know the time is right, I will pull out All About Reading Level 1 to teach her! Our relaxed approach to Kindergarten will continue with Math as I am not going to rush into a formal Kinder math curriculum with her. We will be working on foundational math skills through fun games and activities. We will continue to work on those fine motor skills as Sweet Pea learns to write letters and numbers this year.


I do not have any formal “school” plans for Sarge as he will just be 2 years old this year, but I do plan to read to him every day! He will also continue to develop his concentration and focus skills by having about 1 hour of independent playtime in his bedroom daily while we are having our morning school time.

5. Laugh. A lot.

I know that I can intricately plan everything out (like I did this summer!) but a toddler and infant in the mix are bound to throw a monkey wrench in there! It is going to take flexibility, patience and a lot of grace for us all to accomplish this school year. I will need to just laugh on many days when the littles are not letting me accomplish the academic goals I had for that day. I will need to relax and laugh and know the babies won’t be babies for long and before I know it I will be schooling four children….a dream come true for me that I know will have it’s own challenges! I want my children to remember their mother laughing when things got too crazy to continue school in that moment. I know those moments will come this year!

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