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Break Week {Road Trip, Fall crafts & activities}

Ready-Made Preschool has three weeks of lessons per month so that leaves one week per month to either catch up, review or do something else! As I said before, Little Bug was not happy at all that we were not

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Books in {almost} Every Room

One day I looked around my house and realized that I have books in nearly every room! It was certainly not intentional, but I think it sends a very important message to the girls: We love books! Reading is fun!

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Outer Space

We read two outer space books. There’s No Place Like Space! is a book I bought for our Space week. It was a great buy. It talks about all the different objects in space on a preschoolers level. Little Bug

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We started Ocean Week by making an octopus using the Letter O and Little Bug’s handprints. Then we read the adorable story of Tickly Octopus. We have the CD of this book so first we listened to the CD and

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In June we started the last month of our themed Learning Time. Little Bug is getting good with working scissors! I did this activity just so she could practice her scissor skills. I gave her strips of red and green

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Fire Safety

We started this week by reading our Big Fire Engine book. This week I did my first ever Learning Time with both girls together! I thought Sweet Pea might enjoy this activity and she did. She was such a big

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Healthy Me

We learned about five food groups: diary, protein, fruits, vegetables and grain. I had several pictures of food cut out and we categorized all the foods into the five food groups. Then Little Bug chose one food from each group

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Mother’s Day!

We made these to give to the special ladies this Mother’s Day! I used scrapbook paper I had to cut out the two tulips, stem and sun. Then I cut out a tulip for the girls’ handprints to go on.

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After moving and getting settled, we picked back up on Learning Time and did some fun Spring activities in May. Little Bug did a D is for duck dot paper. We learned about the pond and what plants and animals

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We didn’t do any of our April Learning Time activities due to our move, but we are back into the swing of things now and I have revised my plans for the rest of the (school) year which I post

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