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CC Cycle 2, Week 1

We begin our Classical Conversations Memory Work review time by playing one of these 4 games: Beach Ball Review, Popsicle Review, Cube Review & Sticker Book Review. (Learn more about these games here.) This gives us a 15ish minute review

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How to Implement CC at Home

The purpose of this post is to give you an idea of how we implement Classical Conversations at home. It is really very simple! That’s the thing with CC. You, as the mom and educator of your child, have the freedom to

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Kindergarten Curriculum with Classical Conversations

Yesterday we took a look at what 2nd Grade looks like with Classical Conversations as the backbone of the curriculum. Today we will take a look at my Kindergartener’s curriculum line up for this year! I am envious of the

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2nd Grade Curriculum with Classical Conversations

This post (and the one I will post about Kinder Curriculum) is redundant to this post however, I got to thinking (again) about what a complete program Classical Conversations Foundations is and I decided to write this out and bold everything that

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How I Organize Classical Conversations

This is the Classical Conversations corner of our Homeschool Room! There are multiple ways people organize their Timeline Cards. I choose to go the cheap route by putting them in a basket I already had on hand and using tabs

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What We are Reading for Cycle 2 Science

Here is what we have on hand to dig deeper into Classical Conversation Cycle 2 Science topics! (Most links are at the bottom of this post.) Week 1: Biomes Illustrated Elementary Science Dictionary (Usborne) First Encyclopedia of Science (Usborne) 1001

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CC Review Games

With three-fourths of Cycle 1 under our belts, it was time for me to find some fun ways for us to review all the Memory Work we have learned this year! I didn’t have to look hard to find some

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How We Review Memory Work

When I was first learning about what Classical Conversations was all about, I had visions of me having to drill all day long meaningless facts into my children’s minds until they could word-for-word recite each fact back to me. I

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Usborne & Fine Arts Match Up (All Cycles)

I am not naturally into the arts so when I saw these books offered by Usborne Books, I knew I needed to add them to our home library so I can be intentional about educating my children about art. These

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Cycle 1 History: Usborne Books Match Up

Usborne Books are a phenomenal resource to any homeschooling family and especially those involved with Classical Conversations. It is amazing how much Memory Work is embedded within the pages of Usborne Books. I thought it would be a great idea

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