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Day in the Life {Summer 2015}

We had a very full summer with a 2-week trip to the mountains, friends in town one week and family in town for 3 weeks! On the rare days we were just home this summer, this is pretty much what

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Our Schedule {Winter 2015}

Breakfast & Morning Routine My alarm goes off at 7:15am so I can feed Sarge by 7:30am. By 8am, the girls are up and it is breakfast time. Dave gets their breakfast going while I finish feeding Sarge. Then he

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Our Homeschool Routine {2014-2015}

This is what a typical stay-home homeschooling day looks like for us. As the girls have gotten older (Little Bug is 5 and in Kindergarten and Sweet Pea is 3 and in preschool), I have found a routine better suits

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A Day in the Life {Fall 2013}

I realized I haven’t written one of these since last winter! I did write what I thought our schedule for Fall 2013 would look like, but now we’ve settled into the real thing so I want to capture it in

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The Schedule In My Head

Today’s Blog Hop on the iHomeschool Network is all about “A Day in the Life of Homeschooling”. Since our first week was last week and I’m still trying to iron out everything and figure out a schedule that will meet

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