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Homeschool Highlights {July}

I bumped up our start date to July 5th! Everything was ready and we needed to get back to structured days. We took a very slow start. In fact, my main goal of July wasn’t really academics. My main goal

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Homeschool Space {2017-2018}

Last year, we did away with having a “Homeschool Room” and I decided to incorporate all things homeschool into our dining room. Everything is stored in a way that is easily accessible yet discreetly put away so school doesn’t overtake

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How to Organize All About Reading Letter Tiles

My All About Reading Letter Tiles have always seemed like a jumbled up rainbow. With two children in two different AAR levels this year and Little Bug doing Level 2 of All About Spelling, I had to figure out some

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Happy 4th of July!

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2017-2018 Curriculum Choices

This year begins our 5th year of homeschooling! We have four children: Little Bug (8), Sweet Pea (6), Sarge (3) and Beau (1). Classical Conversations is the backbone of our homeschool. CC provides our subject content and then I am free to

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Last Day of School Pictures 2017

Here are our first and last day of school comparison pictures! Obviously the biggest difference is the number of students! We started with three and ended with four! (May 24, 2017 on left, July 11, 2016 on right) Actually, I

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Homeschool Highlights {June}

We’ve had a nice “break month” this June and here is what we have been up to as summer rolled in! Summer Learning Little Bug has continued on with CLE Math. At the end of June, she has completed through

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Homeschool Goals 2017

(Playing in the rain on our last day of school!) Here are my 2017 Homeschool Goals: 1. Teach Bible Literacy. This is always my number one goal. If it ever isn’t, I will have failed my family and my children

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Reflections on the 2016-2017 Homeschool Year

(The girls are trying to get a dead lizard into a water bottle without touching him. They succeeded after many attempts.) These were my 2016 Homeschool Goals and now it time to reflect on how well we met those goals

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Our Homeschool Year in Review: What Worked & What Didn’t

Every year I like to evaluate what worked well and what didn’t work well in our homeschool for that year! Here is this year’s review: What Worked? Bible God’s Names, The Jesus Storybook Bible, The Adventure Bible for kids All three

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